Safe e-commerce
E-commerce is both easy and time-saving. With a simple push of a button, you can order trips, software, books and much more.
If you choose to pay by credit card, you have chosen a secure payment method. If you do not get the product or service you have paid for, you can return directly to the card issuer to get the money back. If a company goes bankrupt then the same principle applies. With a credit card, you also reduce the risk of exposing personal information linked to your bank account.

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Step-by-step explanation for claiming a refund to your credit card:
Always keep an eye on your accounts that are linked to any of your debit or credit cards. Make it a habit to check at least once a week or more often.

  1. If at any time, money should be deducted from any card account, without your consent, contact your card provider immediately and block your card. Apply simultaneously for a new replacement card.
  2. Then make a screenshot and print from the account that applies. These are important evidence that you need to show to the bank or card provider in the matter and or police authorities.
  3. Include your card, credentials, bank statement and print of any mail or letter contacts with the company or the person who has withdrawn money from your bank account without your permission. Bring all relevant papers and go to your bank or card supplier. Make a written complaint with the staff and request to receive copies of all submitted material.
  4. The bank or card provider, they will then advise and guide you if they require a police report to investigate your case further.
  5. If a police report is required, call your local police office and book a time to make a police report. Bring your ID and all relevant papers. In most such cases, a signed and certified copy of the police report must also be submitted to the bank or your card provider.
  6. Under normal circumstances, you will be contacted by your card supplier and also the police within approximately two months' time. In general, you shall receive a refund to your credit card account within the same time frame.

If something happens irregularly and you have not received delivery of the item you purchased, defective delivery or incorrect product. It may also apply to a fake brand, transport damage, or other serious faults.

  1. First, you should always make a complaint to the seller. Always save all receipts, mail correspondence, notes from phone calls and other relevant matters.
  2. If you do not reach the seller or if he is unwilling to make a change or complete the item or repay you, you should contact the credit card provider who has provided payment to the supplier. In that case, always include all correspondence, receipts, bank statements and any screenshots in support of your complaint and case.
  3. In the case you have paid with a credit card, then the card issuer is usually responsible for payment between you and your supplier. You can then make your claim directly to the card issuer.
  4. If long tutoring time, keep in touch by email or telephone with your bank or credit card provider, until the matter is resolved. Always keep notes of dates, contact names and brief notes for support and reflections during further processing, until the matter is completed.

If your case applies to fraud or excessive amounts fraudulently fooled you through scammers, various illegal internet investments, etc. then you are likely to need help and legal assistance to proceed with your case.

In all such cases, it is important to quickly make a police report and then proceed as soon as possible to the case and hire a lawyer who is specialized in this field and subject area.
It can be both extensive and hard work to recoup funds scammers have fooled, often across land borders and to other parts of the world.
In order to avoid the matter just costing you more money, it is extremely important that you seek help to the best for you and the most optimal conditions.

If you have a personal and talented lawyer specializing in this area, we would always recommend contacting this in the first place. However, it is important to begin investigations and demand back payment of funds as soon as possible. Time is working to your disadvantage, making it even more difficult to achieve a positive end, as the fraudsters become more difficult to track and the same applies to the funds.

Through our work, we have come into contact with some lawyers and consultants who work on other conditions than ordinary lawyers do. Some of these work on a commission basis and they, therefore, have the same interest in solving the case in a positive way, as you do.
That is, there are no unforeseen costs, regardless of how much work is being put into the case, but the lawyer's remuneration instead becomes a previously agreed percentage of the final refund that can be recovered.

In our website section Refund, there are some consultants and lawyers who sponsor our work. They specialize in just such cases and have broad experience from helping many clients from different parts of the world. One condition, on the other hand, is that you can communicate well in English or Spanish.

NOTE! We do not communicate and have no commission or earnings to convey customers or clients to these parties.
We know from references that they have done good work in the past, and they sponsor our site and work, but they do not in any way work for or on behalf of us.
Any contacts, appointments and consultations must be made directly and privately between you and the party you choose to consult or collaborate with.

NOTE! We make linguistic reservations about any manual or machine app or text translation errors. If there is doubt or inaccuracy, then the English text always applies.