General warning signs! Most of the fraud has now moved from flyers, newspaper ads, etc. to online ads or fake news, social media and any subsequent social processing, personal contact and sales attempt via phone contact.
NOTE! If someone after a short phone call, suddenly begins to appeal to you in a very private and intimate tone, as a friend, dear, mate or brother etc. or female salesmen begin to appeal to you like dear friend, darling, honey, my dear, my love or other expressive expressions, you should really and immediately raise your guard.
Because this is absolutely no normal behavior. Can you sober and seriously mention any serious representatives and from a serious company, that appeals to you with such nicknames ..? Obviously not!
And just these expressions are very important to notice, learn and have it as a warning bell in your mind. This is how to appeal to your very closest family, children and dearest, not an unknown person speaking on the phone, right?
Remember! Unknown, men or women who appeal to someone in this way, they are either drunk, unserious or they are straight out manipulative. They always have a dishonorable purpose to try and manipulate you and get you where they want. This you can be 100% sure about, that's always true!

Another and, not least, as an important warning signal, that is if someone unknown offers you a loan. Then there is always some reflection! Why should someone unfamiliar offer you a loan, if you can’t get a loan with "normal" interest in your own bank?
At all, as something is about, big loans without interest, huge returns without high risk or binding long-term subscriptions, then there is always someone else who wants to shave at your expense! This is a rule without exception!

NOTE! All company names and personal names are excluded or changed in all referenced text below. It is done, not to prioritize any name or company and because all of these are instead searchable in our ScamCom-registry.

                                                                                                                                                                    Scamcom Editor 

Here we will present a few examples of all the thousands of frustrated and despaired emails we are constantly getting into. There are hundreds of desperate emails every week, asking for help, but here's only room for a few of them.
Our call is now for everyone who has been scammed, blown or deceived. Write in the register, what happened, as briefly and carefully as possible.
We do not want to harm innocent, but together uncover all the "bad guys". From our hearts, thousands of warm thanks for all your cooperation!



Binary Options Scam. I just haveto write a few lines about my wife here. She has traded a lot of shares for many years and slowly saved some capital - no fortune, but still good. Now a while ago, she came across an ad online about Binary Options. She thought it sounded serious and enticing and wanted to try. The option company attracted a return of 20-30% per month, and of course it was tempting.

Well, she made a deposit of € 1000 by her VisaCard and wanted to see how it was developing. That same day, the broker began to call and call. He wanted her to invest more money and he personally promised, to help her to earn a lot. The broker did some quick trades online through AnyDesk on her account. Well, it seemed like he was good, because in less than 20 minutes he had increased her new account from € 1000 to 1193.
After much persuasions and phones from the broker, my wife decided to deposit another € 9000. Then the account, after some trading-sessions, was up to a total of € 10,826 and the broker advised my wife to put almost everything, € 10,500 on a "completely safe" trade. He made the trade himself by AnyDesk. They were aiming for GOLD to increase in value, and then she would increase her capital by 80% in one day and only one trade.
Guess what happened - GOLD started losing value and one day later there was only € 326 left in amount on her 

account. Since then, the broker has not called or responded to any email. My wife is crushed and does not know what to do. I ask you to help us get back this money, which was my wife's savings, please!

Richard D.

Miracle Cream. This happened a few months ago when I checked my Facebook account. Then there were some nice pictures - before and after someone had used a special cream. Yes, that was amazing, the woman in the picture looked at least 20 years younger than the previous picture. The ad also featured a long credible story and several testimonials with names and photographs certifying that they were very, very pleased with the cream.
A sample pack would cost only $ 9.95 so I decided to try it and I paid $ 9.95 with my credit card on the website. My face skin was no longer as tight and nice as before, so maybe this was just what I needed.
After a couple of weeks, there was a small package in the mailbox. The package did not have the same sender as was specified in the ad, so I wondered a bit before I opened. Well, that was the cream I had ordered. I started using the cream the same evening and was very expectant in the next few weeks. But after a month, I could not see any difference at all, not anything.
I realized I had become FOOLED and threw away the little one left in the cream jar. Then the whole misery started. There was a new small package from the same sender, but it came from abroad and could not be returned. When I then checked my credit card, they had already withdrawn money, now $ 49.95. There was no contact address and no way to reach the seller.
Next month came and the next withdrawal was made on my credit card, $ 49.95 now again. I contacted my bank, but they could not do anything. It just continued and in the end the cream seller had "stolen" more than $ 260 from my card. And all for useless SHIT !!! Only when I blocked and broke my card, the fraudster ended the crap deliveries.

Lisbeth M

Free iPhone. I was browsing the FB, where I was chosen by a large and well-reputed company (it was later found that the name was incorrectly capitalized in only one letter). Suddenly an ad came up when I surfed. The ad page said I was randomly selected and I had won a brand new iPhone, latest model.
The ad also told me that I would pay € 5.00 for shipping - nothing else and the phone would be shipped within 7 days. I felt like "happy" chosen and decided to take the offer. Then I was switched to card payment, where I was asked to provide my name and address for delivery, of course. Entered all necessary information and eventually paid € 5.00 with my MasterCard.
I waited expectantly for a week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, but nothing came. I thought, never mind, it had cost me only € 5.00. But this was not the end of it. After a month, the company began to charge € 49.00 from my card each month. At first, I did not notice anything, but when my account was suddenly insolvent, I discovered everything in my online bank. The scam company then had drawn 5 times € 49.00 ie € 245.00 and for nothing.
I contacted my bank and they then contacted the seller. It ended with the bank taking part with the seller that I had signed an agreement, but I certainly did not. Only when I blocked my card and I was € 300.00 poorer, then the withdrawals from my bank account ended. This has cost me expensive, but now I’ll write
here to warn everyone who reads…

John O.

Super Slim Cure. Well, I know, there are many who want to make money on us that have a few kilos too much. I have tested time after time but nothing has worked. On the contrary - I've only gained weight.
I was online and watched news. Then an advertisement came up - it was said to be a brand new release, recently released on the market. The ad had a long and credible investigation, allegedly made by researchers and doctors. The ad also showed a whole row of compelling references, names and pictures of narrow and perfect people. Before and after pictures that were, not less than impressive, I thought.
Then I thought to try another last time, this marvelous means.
It was a rabbit price of trial delivery, which would last for a whole month - and they promised that many kilos would just drain away. The first bill was at € 14.95 and I paid asap. Then I followed all instructions, point by point. After 3 weeks, I’d go down exactly half a kilo, while there was a new delivery from the "weight-loss-company".
It was exactly the same product, but now the invoice was at full € 68.95. There was a phone number on the invoice and I tried countless times to call and stop the deliveries - but no answer to get in the phone, just a voicemail.
I reluctantly paid the invoice and continued using the product for another month. Then there was another delivery in my mailbox and a new invoice of € 68.95. Oh, the only thing that had lost weight, that's my wallet.
I finished the whole misery - returned packages and invoice and thought it all was over. But no, after two weeks a reminder came and now the amount was increased to € 78.95. A week later, another new shipment was sent with a new invoice of € 68.95. The week after, debt collection claims were received on the previous invoice, now the denomination of € 128.45. I was afraid to get in the collector's register and paid everything together asap. Then I also returned the latest packages and paid expensive shipping as well. Inside the package I wrote a letter and made it clear that I had contacted the police.
At last, SCAM deliveries ended.
Now I'm really afraid to buy something more online, just because of these BASTARDS.

Louise P.

False Invoices. I work as an office manager and have responsibility for certifying received bills and invoices. It's every month, maybe a thousand invoices to keep an eye on and make sure they're paid on time.
A few years ago, so-called "air invoices" began to appear among other mail to the company. Sometimes one can easily see that they are fake, but sometimes it can be difficult, in stressed situations, to get them confirmed.
I know now that, unfortunately, some "air invoices" have been paid and it’s completely impossible to claim back the money. The police usually bring down these cases, in the absence of evidence or investigation reasons. It is safe to speak of a total of several thousand EUR and for goods that are not ordered and not delivered. It's shameful!
I am also familiar with an elderly relative who has repeatedly received "air invoices". Older people are nervous about debt collection. They are used to always paying on time. Just this, the bad guys know’s and exploit the situation. He has paid for nothing more than 900 EUR. You crooks should be ashamed and imprisoned, to fool older people !!!

Mary C. 

Option Bonus Scam. Just over 9 months ago, I first invested € 5,000 and then another € 25,000 with an Option broker. They claimed to have offices in London, but they wanted the money to be sent via their Hong Kong Bank..?
The reason I deposited that big amount, was that I would receive a "Welcome Bonus" of € 20,000 if I deposited over € 25,000. It was not said or written, absolutely anything about clauses for bonus and then withdrawals.
The account was best at about € 52,000 and the broker predicted and told me that the account would be $ 100,000 within 3 months. But, the reality got caught soon and there was loss of loss. I only trade on my broker's advice and analyzes. After six weeks the account was down at € 36,000 and worse it would be. I kicked the broker and asked for someone with a “brain”. I was assigned a new broker and this one lost 6 straight trades first day, € 6,000 out of the window.
Now my account was already down at € 30,000 which corresponded to about my deposit. I also kicked my new broker and told them I wanted to finish and withdraw my current money. Then I tried to make a withdrawal, but nothing happened. The day after, I tried a small one €5,000 but still nothing happened. I asked many times, why, but did not get an good answer.
In the end, after a lot about and but, I received the response that I had to trade 30 times the sum of the BONUS, in order to make any withdrawal at all. I got pissed off and asked if I would have to trade for a total of over € 600,000? Yes, that was the least, I received for answers. I asked if I would have to trade for 5 years before withdrawal, and I became both angry and very disappointed. Then there was no broker who called me for a very long time. After a few months, a new broker called, this time a lady who promised to do anything to help me, sure.
She said she was an expert and had done thorough analyzes and knew exactly what we were going to trade, to recover my funds. Analyze my ass - it just got lost, worse, worse every day. After about another 6 weeks my account was down to about € 9,000. I asked the broker lady to travel and travel far away and not come back.
I wonder, they have no occupational pride - nothing at all. It is precise as in a kindergarten and monopoly money. Expert ass !!! Really, I understand I have to fight myself, can’t trust anyone, but I do not trade for months now – I’m stuck. To everyone, Never Accept Any Gift Or Bonuses - IT'S A TRAP !!!

Anthony W.

Health food SCAM. The market is flooded with all sorts of so-called health food products. In our family, we have always rejected such offers, all hundreds of which have come through the years.
But then I learned that my daughter had begun to subscribe to a dietary supplement, € 34.95 per month, or € 420 per year. Really, that’s much money in a year.
The company claimed it would be good for the whole body and the memory and eyes, etc. - reading the advertisement and user manual, you would think that this product could give "eternal life".
I studied everything carefully and discovered that the content of 98% consisted of Omega 3 or, more accurately, fish oil in daily terms.
These nice and modern words and product names - it's only for attracting ignorant customers and also for taking an extremely high price.
Well, then she had finally stopped the monthly deliveries and I buy a similar product for her, in the nearest supermarket. The price there is € 6.85 for a month's usage.
Well, we thought the deliveries would stop when I sent mail with termination. But, unfortunately, it continues to come every month. Now I have sent four emails to them and wrote that I am now contacting the police, concerning fraud.
Some are obviously getting very wealthy, utilizing reputable and honest people, selling SCAM products with fancy names and soaring price. Really, you should be ashamed, but clearly, you do not understand the meaning of that word.

Frank Q.

Stop Smoking Cur. Have repeatedly in my life, failed to quit. Then one day there was a small leaflet in the mailbox. A completely new smoking agent had been researched by doctors. Instead of smoking, one should moisten the tongue with this means. It was guaranteed to work - many people appeared with the name and image in the brochure.
The drug was expensive, £ 48.95 for a month's consumption, but I really wanted to quit smoking, so I sent an order.
After about a week, a very small bottle came in my mailbox. I was really motivated to quit, so I was confident I started using the drips. Whatever, it tasted almost like salt water and the effect was also about the same as drinking water. It had absolutely no effect on my smoking desire and habit. I tried to double the dose and even triple. No effect at all !! Then there were new deliveries each month and invoices at £ 48.95.
Every time I called customer service, it was a long queue and when I finally got a response, they always said nice; Then we’ll stop the delivery. But it did not stop.
I got pissed off, off all of it. In the end, I had paid for 5 items and included a reminder invoice, totaling £ 263 for much less than half a liter of “water”. I returned everything together, 3 full and two empty bottles in a small package. Now I do not know if there are more scam-supplies coming ...

Maryann H.

Binary Option. My wife and I had for a long time been called by many options brokers. They had all very attractive offers and promised that with their help, capital would increase by 25-50% per month.
We decided to try out two companies, ie, each company and then evaluate the results. We started at the same time and deposited the minimum amount of € 250 from my credit card and then € 250 to the other company with my wife's credit card.
Brokers from both companies immediately started calling us both and they both wanted us to deposit more funds. However, we had decided to just test, with a small amount first.
What happened next is no less than theft. We were going to travel for a week and did not check every day what happened to our trading accounts. One day later when I had to pay in a hotel, my card payment was rejected. I did not understand why. We immediately went to an ATM to check my balances. It turned out that someone pulled twice on my credit card, first € 498 and then € 998.
I had no money left on my card and we had to cancel the trip. As soon as we were home, I checked my bank account and contacted the police.
It turned out that the SCAM company, they had recorded all card information when I paid online with my card. Then they could, in lung and quiet, just enter and empty my balances.
Exactly 5 days later, exactly the same thing happened with my wife's credit card. She checked her bank account in the evening and became really despaired. Suddenly she saw that € 1,499 was deducted from the account. We immediately realized what had happened. She called the bank at ones and blocked her card, but it was too late. She was really disappointed in herself, that she had not learned from my mistake.
Every day, we called and called our brokers, but nobody took our phones. They probably had already gone on to the next victims.
Even today we have not received any money back - not even the € 500 deposited by me and my wife. But, what is obvious, it is that these scam brokers, they cooperate with each other and all in all has cost us € 4000 ie a nice winter holiday-trip, all included.
We can now only give our strongest warnings to all, don’t pay with cards to any unknown online. There are many deceivers out there.

Joachim F.

Energy and sex pleasure. Have a few months ago been napping on an online offer. Advertising said "The source of youthful energy and sex drive". According to advertisement, it was an old resource from ancient times, which was now rediscovered. Yes, stress and a lot to do at work and to little sleep, it has reduced vitality over the years. Perhaps that's just what I needed, I thought. Juicy expensive it was € 39.90 for 30 tablets.
I paid online with my card. Frankly, I can say, after two months of use, I do not notice any difference - not even a tickle in my big toe. I think the tablets consist of only cheap gelatin and some powder - totally worthless SCAM product.
The worst thing is, I do not know how to stop deliveries and all withdrawals on my card - now already € 120. There is no phone number and no email address. How do I do??? And I have no desire to go to the police - complain of life sex executions that do not work. I can imagine the laughter already when I leave the police-office.
Oh, think, all the thousands of poor goodbyes who go to this deception.
Oh, I forgot to write - they also have a similar product for women; “Get your desire back.” Dev.. fools and fraudsters, selling such CRAP!!!
Surely, they live a life in luxury, at the expense of all us others. Please, can you help me?

Daniel U. 

BitCoin Fraud. Now I can’t withdraw my funds!? I was Online and a colorful and stylish ad appeared on my screen. It was a brokerage company attracted with big profits, up to maybe as much as 1000% in a year at investments NOW in crypto currencies. They referred to earlier big profits and stressed that there was no time to lose.
I had some savings and felt tempted. I entered their site online and made a deposit of € 5000. Thought that there will be only small profit with a small investment, useless.
The broker contacted me on a regular basis, very nice guy, and we had many sessions at AnyDesk, where he showed me the trading-platform and we placed trades together. My account evolved slowly, but very volatile, up and down, but finally after about six weeks, the account was about € 9000.
I was quite pleased. Then I decided to take back my investment in order not to lose anything - and work on the € 4,000 we had in profit. I made a withdrawal attempt of € 5000 in the trading platform. Then there was a message "action unauthorized". I tried again, now with € 1000 but got the same message came, "action unauthorized".
After I tried to call the broker on the same phone number, that he had previously called me, but no reply. I've called, sure 20 times now, but no one answers. Now I need help, how to do to get this fraudster?

Alfred B.