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We disclose SCAM & FRAUDSTERS, to help You AVOID THEM, and we will do that together with You and your contribution here.

Have You paid for a product and No delivery,
- been fooled to buy a useless fake or scam product, 
- stuck in long, expensive or useless subscription agreements,
- or someone "stolen" Your hard-earned savings etc.
- let's know what happened to You.
Lonely is weak, but together, We Are Very STRONG!

We believe in the Goodness Of Men, the will to help others, so that they do NOT GET HURT.

NOTE! This app is 100% safe to use and it does NOT collect or spread any data at all, what so ever, from your device or from your network traffic. 

We wish you very welcome to ScamCom! 

 Here on our site and in our apps, we want to beat a blow for justice and help all our members to a safer online experience. We will try to protect all of you from online and unwanted scamming experiences.

 Just fraud and scam have become so common today, that we almost stopped responding. But, this can’t be allowed. We certainly can’t accept that scam and fraud fear take over online, so that we are afraid to shop for the products that we really need.

  Different types of financial crime, online investment-scams and or manipulative marketing, it's an ever-increasing phenomenon, most in social media, but almost regardless of where we are watching online today. The sellers are trying on ever new and innovative ways to attract our eyes, ears, desire and interests. 

Sales creativity is amazing 

- but rarely are the products. We are absolutely convinced that, if it’s paid as much money on research as on marketing, we would really and instantly get some new and amazing products out there.
Not long ago, then we had a rule that said; "You’ll get what you pay for". That rule, unfortunately, has now gone by far.
Today, there is another rule; "If something seems too good or too cheap to be true, then it's usually so" – ie a scam.
A lot of research is needed to find the best, safe and affordable products online.

Just ten years ago, the prescription was always starting to create an outstanding and excellent product. Then a good reputation and quality came along with marketing, bringing good sales.
Today it is often begun at the opposite end - first create the wonderful, addictive and amazing advertising and then try to create the product.
Of course, it is easier to create good advertising than good products. And, most often, they fail to create a product that lives up to the amazing promises in online marketing.  

How do we do research

Most of the research we also make online or through recommendations from family and friends. However, it can be a lot of time-consuming. It is also highly uncertain if we find exactly the information we need for the moment. It can be a real detective job and it's both boring and it's not always we have the time. When we need some new gadgets, we want it to be quick and easy to buy.

Just this, they know, many of those trying to sell products or services online. We live in a stressful everyday life and we want everything to be done quickly and carefree. Just when we are in a hurry, it's also easy to be tricked. And online, it's very hard to protect ourselves.

Quick research by seconds 

That's exactly why we've created this service and made the ScamCom platform. Here it's very fast and easy to search for information about any company, seller, the product or brand we're considering buying.
Soon, it will be done with a few keystrokes on our website, seeking reliable information about a website, a dealer, brand or any other known details.

The idea behind it all is that we all should help each other. If everyone helps to "pull their straw to the stack", we will soon get a completely safe and fast way to answer the questions we may have, before we go to purchase – anything online. 

A little teamwork, that’s all 

Actually, we would probably all, sometimes need advice, guidance or someone to ask, before we buy this or that product online. With ScamCom, we have made our common wish to reality.
Our site is based on goodwill for us and others and just a little teamwork together. If we help someone else today, then others will help us, exactly when we need it. We do not need to feel stupid as asking others, but just do a short search on our network and the community's common site. Credible answers you’ll get within a few seconds. 

We got to work together 

Most people today sit with their computers, tablets or phones and social media - it occupies a lot of our time.
We chat a lot online, but we are afraid to make fools of ourselves, by asking "stupid" things that are NOT stupid at all.
Now it's time to start doing things together and not just for ourselves. The ones that serve on our isolation, vacuity and vanity, it's fraudsters and scammers. If we are more willing to cooperate, then these odd ones would disappear completely.  

Tell us what you know today

Yes, this is all we need. Have you recently made a bad purchase or otherwise been subject to fraud? Do not wait, but tell us now, by “Post Your Story” today. You are completely anonymous here and your bad experience may save thousand’s others. Likewise, stories of others will be helpful to you, exactly when and where you need it.

From now on, you don’t need to feel worried or perplexed, because in our community, we are fighting and cooperating together and for each other.

Everything is very simple and easy 

select CATEGORY, select your COUNTRY and type in COMPANY or BRAND etc. those you want to research - then SEARCH.
If you leave all fields open, then the latest news will be displayed, regardless of Category, Country, Company or


Select CATEGORY, select your COUNTRY and type in COMPANY and or BRAND etc. Fill in 

all the fields you know, in the rest, just type: -
Then, please choose a matching TITLE and enter your true story - we all want to hear your SCAM experience.
Then, if you want, select and upload an image that you have already saved to your computer and select SUBMIT. It can be a product image or screenshot etc.
That’s all there is to do.

NOTE! Don’t worry about typing errors or posting the wrong image. You can always later delete or make corrections in your text and or replace your images.

We wish you all the best of luck with your postings and research through our website and apps!  

NOTE! We make linguistic reservations about any manual or machine app or text translation errors. If there is doubt or inaccuracy, then the English text always applies.