I wonder why the app says "pending" after I posted a new story with image.

Help Center:
When a new story and images are published, all such status as "Pending."
The reason for this is that our in-house control must check all new posted stories according to ethical rules and also for inappropriate photos. So far, this work can’t be done by computers, but needs manual review.
As soon as a posting is approved by our control center, it gets "Approved" status and will be listed together with other approved and also searchable stories in our website. 

My posted post is not visible in the app and now it's over three days since I posted. Why is not it displayed?

Help Center:
If there are serious expressions and verbs or invalid or inappropriate photographs, then the entire entry will be dismissed. According to our rules, our control center has the right to dismiss entire history posts without giving any reason for the submission. 

If there are any words or other that you can’t approve, I would like you to edit or delete what might be illegal.

Help Center:
All stories and pictures posted are the member's own property. We do not own the right to change any text or images. Postings can therefore only be approved in full or, in the opposite case, rejected. 

What rules do you follow to reject a story?

Help Center:
There are
ethical rules and common sense here. If a story contains unsightly language usage, such as sworn words, gender words or the like, then the post will be automatically rejected.
If there is doubt, then rejection will go before publicity, and the whole story will be discarded.

I wonder, can I delete one of my old posts if I want to remove it from the site?

Help Center:
Yes, all the stories listed under your member LOGIN, CONTROL PANEL, there are stories that are your property. You own the full right to remove the one or the postings that you decide. You just click on the "bin" on the current posting and answer YES on the question that follows. 

Can I make changes and edit any of my posts after they are published?

Help Center:
Yes, you can edit any posted history at any time. Just click on the "pen" on the current story under your member LOGIN, CONTROL PANEL. Then you can make changes and edit your story.
Keep in mind that after editing in a text or posting of a new photo, for either or both parts, a new check and approval of our control center applies. Your posting after any change will therefore get the status "Pending" until it is reviewed. 

Can I change photo in any of my posts?

Help Center:
It is your right and fully possible to switch to another image or delete an image associated with your story. This is done under LOGIN, CONTROL PANEL. Click on the "pen" and you can choose if you want to edit your story or change the image.
Note! After posting a new photo, your posting will be checked again and will receive the status "Pending" until this manual check has been completed.

Is it important to type in the "BRAND" field?

Help Center:
Yes, if you know the brand you're referring to in your posting, it's VERY important to enter this brand, and completely correct in the "BRAND" field.
This we do to make it easy for other members to find all the current information about this particular brand.
All members who then type this name in "BRAND", then can quickly do SEARCH and get all information posted about this particular product. 

You say; Enter all known information. Why?

Help Center:
We say so, to make it possible for other members to find the information you enter.
If you know
company name, brand and webpage etc. please enter it all in these fields, before posting.
Also choose which category suits your scam-posting best.
The more information you have about a scammer, the easier it becomes for other members to find the right and up-to-date information.
It is precisely in this way that we’ll try to help each other, so that no one does the same mistakes as any other members just has done.

Which country should I choose in posting?

Help Center:
You should always choose the country in which you are located. Not the country where you think the scam-company is located.
Because most of such shadowy companies, they cross country borders and rarely have given up the correct address online. Many time’s they are unregistered and in case they are 

registered, it is usually in a remote country - far away from their customers.
But, if you state your country as a location, then we know that the scam-company is also operating in your country. That's what's important for our fellow members to know - to warn when someone gets fooled in our country.
It probably has little or no interest to most of us, if any in a far-away-city has been scammed. 

I find postings already about the current company. What do I do?

Help Center:
It does not matter if there already are similar posts about this particular company or brand.
We appreciate your posting very much anyway!
Because multiple and fresh postings, it makes it easier for other members to find just the right and fresh information. 

What do I do if no brand is mentioned?

Help Center:
No problem,
just provide all other known facts, such as company name, website, phone number and the data you can find.
The important thing is to choose the right category, where company name or brand is missing.
Then make a clear description of what has happened to you, so that even without all details, it may be useful to other members of our community. 

What type of photo should I post?

Help Center:
Good question! Always post photos related to the story you describe. It may be a picture of the product, brand, an image of the current ads or video, screen shot of product or website in use will be great.
The important thing is that the image is related to your posting and is a figurative clarification of your message.
Person images should be avoided to the greatest extent, as they usually do not tell anything important, but may be integrity offense.
NOTE! If posting contains close up person pictures, then such stories are usually rejected.

Can I put LIKES on my own postings?

Help Center:
Yes, you may “like” any postings. But, you can only “like” once on each and we recommend that you read the entire postings before you decide if you want to “like” it.
NOTE! If you first put a “like” on a posting, then you can not delete your “like” afterwards.

The three posts who get the most “likes”, they win prizes. How do we know?

Help Center:
These three posts that get the most "likes" they will be contacted by us via their registered email address. It is therefore important that you read all emails to this address.
We will inform those who have won within 30 days after the date stated on our website as deadline.
The prizes that can be won are sponsored by some of our sponsors and the prizes will be communicated directly to the winners by these sponsors. 

Will you show who has won prizes on your website?

Help Center:
No, absolutely no names or identities will be published online. All communications online only show your ID number. And your ID, it's only you and possibly those you show it to, who knows it.
All personal information is processed anonymously and confidential from our site. 

Do you sell information about members to third parties?

Help Center:
No, none of your personal information will be sold to any third party. However, we may occasionally, but not often, send personal offers to you.
NOTE! You do not need to be afraid of any spam emails from us.
At most, once a month, we may send out personal offers, and only if we have entered highly discounted prices or agreement, that apply only to our members

What if I find postings about a company I am dealing with ?

Help Center:
In that case, it is entirely up to you. What members write in their posts, it's their personal experience and story. You must choose whether to do in such cases.
However, we can express ourselves like this; If there are multiple posts about the same company, brand, or similar characteristics, we would advise you to show the utmost caution.

I can’t find the company I'm looking for.

Help Center:
This may be a good sign! It can also be because no one has reported anything yet about that company. However, this does not prevent you from posting a post if you have any negative experience and have become scammed by that company.
If you do not find what you're looking for, it may also be because of your settings.
Try searching “All Countries” and / or “All Categories”.
The reason may be that someone has posted under the wrong or another “category”, or that no one has posted about this company yet, in your location or country. 

I only have positive experiences with a company listed on your list.

Help Center:
Yes, it's your personal experience, but someone else may have another experience.
First, we will clarify; We have no so-called "list". We also have no personal perceptions of any company, brand or other mentioned here.
Everything that is written and referred to here, it’s the personal experiences of other members, as they freely express themselves.
We are very clear that we strive for everyone to express the full truth, and nothing but the truth, here in our community.

However, and this is important; What is truth, it should be possible to convey so that others can also take part.
It is also important to note; Almost none or nothing are so-called “black or white”, but there may be any “shades” in between.

What is the purpose of your web service?

Help Center:
We have done this service because we think there should be a “counter-pole” against all advertising, as in all media, constantly thrown over all of us. Everything in the commercial road is glorified and it only flashes buy, buy. The one who has the most money for marketing and can "scream the most and highest", they win us as consumers.
However, there is no channel where consumers can get the word, telling others if there is something wrong or bad.
Precisely this is our mission, to give the word to consumers, so that they can freely comment on products and or sellers, who do not keep the standards, of good practice, service and or quality.

I have purchased a product that has received bad reviews here on your website. What can I do?

Help Center:
Unfortunately we can’t offer much help after the damage has already taken place. Our advice is to try to contact the seller, preferably in writing, and describe what is wrong.
If that does not work out, then you may be able to contact any local consumer representative in your city or area. They may offer some help. Always bring receipt with you and all written agreements, emails and even the product. 

Can I recommend a product or seller here?

Help Center:
No, this is not the right place or forum for advertising or anything like that. If there are postings regarding recommended products or sellers, they will be automatically rejected. 

Can you help me if I've been tricked?

Help Center:

Unfortunately, there is usually not much help we can offer after the damage has already occurred.
However, that is why we are here, so it may be possible to check what other customers say about the product you intend to buy or the seller where you intend to make your purchase. 

Can you help me recover my money illegally removed from my credit card?

Help Center:
Unfortunately, we can’t offer personal assistance, as we do not work with such cases. However, we will show you under "Refund" on our website and apps, how to proceed, to claim money, if they are "stolen" from your credit or debit card. 

Can you offer legal assistance?

No. If you need personal assistance, you can contact any lawyer or one of the third-party lawyers or law firms listed under "Refund" on our website and apps.
NOTE! We do not communicate and have no commission to convey customers or clients to these parties. We know from references that they have done good work in the past and they sponsor our site and activity, but they do not work for or on behalf of us.
Any contacts, agreements and consultations are to be made directly and privately between you and the party you choose to consult or collaborate with.