Stunning investment ads, tell you can grow rich in no time

All sorts of investment ads have become more and more common to see online and especially in FB. It is often attracted by various so-called "ingenious" systems, robots or algorithms that promise huge returns and wealth, after just a short period of time

Common to most is that they initially, only require a minimal effort and investment from you as an investor. You are promulgated expert assistance so that anyone can start investing without any kind of past experience from investment, cryptocurrency or the forex market.
It is promised in many ads that you can duplicate your capital in a week or two, and "images are painted” for a happy and amazing future, for all who take the offer.

Sometimes videos are displayed with very well-dressed and well-spoken men, as well as women, who drive extremely expensive cars, yachts or show off living in beach houses in the most exclusive areas you can dream about. Everything is done to smell luxurious and show luxury life in a hurry and so on.

It’s often attracted to the fact that everything shown in the ads, this and more, may be yours, if you only buy their offer and start investing. Just a little money in their secret strategy, robot or algorithm trading, that’s enough. 

Many clickable ads online, they only want you to provide your name, email and phone. Then these brilliant people will contact you and willingly share their smart ideas and secrets. They only wish you well-being and to grow your own fortune, of course. 

NOTE! Most of such ads, they collect your personal data without permission on your phone. Click on the ads and you can see that your name, email and phone are already filled in. 

Then you have to ask yourself; Why do any unknown and rich foreigners, suddenly offer you help and invigorate you in such amazing and stunning successful secrets?

The answer is sad enough but of course the opposite. They want your money and hard-earned savings, to deposit accounts, where they in fact have full control.
It starts almost always in the very small investments, maybe only 250 Euro or USD. The so-called brokers are usually very, very friendly and they help you to increase your capital to double or more. Then they start telling adventures and make you indulge, that you can very soon become a dollar millionaire. But to do so, then you have to be prepared to invest more money, as you quickly want to get wealthy. And you want, right? 

So, or much like this, most of these investment adventures begin. They start calling you, at any time of the day, and the conversation always wants to come there, where they want you to invest more and more money. 

Obviously, we can’t say that everything within the investment area, as advertised, is scam and fraud. But, if you want to check and to be sure, it's usually quite easy to make sure.
Request a withdrawal of 50% of the amount invested, and then continue trading, just with the funds that have become your return, if any. 

If you're dealing with a serious broker, then he can’t deny you any withdrawal from your account, big as a small amount, because it's your money and your decision.

If you encounter any apologies or barriers to withdraw your money, you should immediately 

raise your guard and request payment of your entire outstanding capital. This is usually a very simple but functional test to distinguish honorable brokers from unrighteous ones. 

Ads without company name & no brand ...

Recently, it has become more and more common to see ads and sales videos online, which lacks both the name of the company and the name of the product they are trying to sell. This phenomenon seems to be often seen on Facebook, among others. 

This is a relatively new strategy, since everyone knows that a good and well-reputed company name, it provides security and usually also a guarantee. Absolutely all serious companies, they protect their business and do everything to build trust, quality and secure ties to their company names. 

They all know that a company with good reputation, it can take generations to build and can represent billions in value.
However, this can with neglect, poor customer care or negligence, it can on the other hand be completely and totally destroyed in a short period of time.

The above also applies to great, well-reputed and therefore often expensive brands. Well-known brands, they guarantee good quality. Most big and famous brands, they have also taken a long time and a lot of work and money to create.
It is quality, distinctiveness, design, extravagance and capital that create excellent and expensive brands. And not least, branded retailers, they must always profile themselves and take very good care of their customers.

So, why advertise without company name or a brand ..? There must be a reason for this phenomenon in recent marketing.

Yes, the internet and all online information have changed our opportunities to market all kinds of things, but it has also changed our ability to check what's good and what's bad.

It's just here that the shoe pushes the tender toe. The real sharks and scammers out there, they don’t care the less to build brand and trust. They just want to attract and fool new people all the time. They do so by constantly changing company names and product names. They sell fake & fantasy products at fake & fantasy prices, sometimes even without delivery.

Their specialty, it is to produce amazing and fabulous advertising, nothing that has anchoring in reality. They promise gold, happiness, sumptuous wealth or beauty for everyone - but the only thing they really care about is to sneak our money.
The Internet and social media have become a virtual gold-mine for these people’s online scam-marketing. 

Fast and big money is what applies, then they move on to a new company name and a new product names, which not yet can be tracked online. This is our lifetime two-legged butterfly’s, but it's not the flowers they suck on…

Be VERY careful and critical before shopping or sign up to any offer that’s not presented through a company or brand!
Where they hide the company or brand in the ad, then it's usually a VERY bad sign. Our best advice is to refrain – stay away! 

Free gift or trial, just pay for "shipping"

This has become the latest "fly" when it comes to selling all types of products to a subscriber or on a subscription basis.
The actual subscription agreement, it is usually with such a small text that it is almost unreadable, or in another language. Sometimes it may also be hidden, but you automatically agree that you have read and agree to everything, including what is not available for reading.

It is usually attracted to ads with glossy so-called before and after pictures, long amazing and incredible stories, which are claimed to be TRUE and derived from real life.
Sometimes it is also attracted by so-called "gift or a prize" in some online ads. However, one always has to pay for the shipping or postage.

Recently, it has become more common to use famous faces or celebrities, with images and statements, own pronounced stories to strengthen product confidence.
Other times, reference is made to newspaper articles or statements in the media. Everything to make an otherwise insignificant and unknown product, worthwhile and valuable.

In large measure, images taken from the media are often used, illegally manipulated and acquired. The celebrities who figure on the pictures, they often don’t know that they are used in online advertising.
Stories often stated that celebrities have said, it's usually just scam statements, which do not reverberate from any celebrity, but perceived by marketing professionals. It’s straight-forward lies they are creating.  

And why would someone give away something for "free" - are there really so nice people out there ..?

No, of course not. They just want to be kind to themselves - that's why they want you to pay the postage. Just because, then they'll get your name, address and credit card details.
Pretty soon you will discover that they are starting to withdraw money from your credit card, on monthly or weekly basis. Usually, it's more modest amounts in the beginning, but it often escalates into quite large amounts in a short period of time. 

NOTE! Take great care of your bank accounts and bank statements, if you have paid something, cheap as expensive, to any unknown online company or retailer. Then they have all they need to keep making withdrawals from your card or in your bank account. 

Conclusion. Be extremely careful if you pay any, what so ever, shipping or postage for any so-called “prize” or "free test product".
Virtually all of these free trial products, almost without exception, they only have the purpose to fool you, to enter your name, address and
credit card details.
If anyone really was so kind that they would give you a prize or free product, then they probably would have paid for the postage as well. Don’t you think so?