Health Care Scams

Health Care Scams. Energy and sex pleasure. Hi, I have a few months ago been napping on an online offer. Advertising said "The source of youthful energy and sex drive". According to advertisement, it was an old resource from ancient times, which was now rediscovered. Yes, stress and a lot to do at work and to little sleep, it has reduced vitality over the years. Perhaps that's just what I needed, I thought. Juicy expensive it was € 39.90 for 30 tablets.

I paid online with my card. Frankly, I can say, after two months of use, I do not notice any difference - not even a tickle in my big toe. I think the tablets consist of only cheap gelatin and some powder - totally worthless SCAM product.
The worst thing is, I do not know how to stop deliveries and all withdrawals on my card - now already € 120. There is no phone number and no email address. How do I do??? And I have no desire to go to the police - complain of life sex executions that do not work. I can imagine the laughter already when I leave the police-office.

Oh, think, all the thousands of poor goodbyes who go to this deception.

Oh, I forgot to write - they also have a similar product for women; “Get your desire back.” Dev.. fools and fraudsters, selling such CRAP!!!  
Surely, they live a life in luxury, at the expense of all us others. Please, can you help me?

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