BeautyTreatment Scams

BeautyTreatment Scams. Miracle Cream. This happened a few months ago when I checked my Facebook account. Then there were some nice pictures - before and after someone had used a special cream. Yes, that was amazing, the woman in the picture looked at least 20 years younger than the previous picture. The ad also featured a long credible story and several testimonials with names and photographs certifying that they were very, very pleased with the cream.
A sample pack would cost only $ 9.95 so I decided to try it and I paid $ 9.95 with my credit card on the website. My face skin was no longer as tight and nice as before, so maybe this was just what I needed.
After a couple of weeks, there was a small package in the mailbox. The package did not have the same sender as was specified in the ad, so I wondered a bit before I opened. Well, that was the cream I had ordered. I started using the cream the same evening and was very expectant in the next few weeks. But after a month, I could not see any difference at all, not anything.
I realized I had become FOOLED and threw away the little one left in the cream jar. Then the whole misery started. There was a new small package from the same sender, but it came from abroad and could not be returned. When I then checked my credit card, they had already withdrawn money, now $ 49.95. There was no contact address and no way to reach the seller.
Next month came and the next withdrawal was made on my credit card, $ 49.95 now again. I contacted my bank, but they could not do anything. It just continued and in the end the cream seller had "stolen" more than $ 260 from my card. And all for useless SHIT !!! Only when I blocked and broke my card, the fraudster ended the crap deliveries.

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