Internet and today's social media are flooded with, sometimes amazing and irresistible offers and smart, manipulative, convincing and addictive selling methods.

A basic rule to always take into consideration: If something seems too good or too cheap to be true, then its almost always something wrong. Be really, critical of such offers if you order, invest, sign up for a subscription or shop online. Use your common sense!

It's easy to be fooled by online, anonymous and sometimes strong psychological selling methods. All possible and impossible approaches are used to attract new needs, shopping behavior, investment fever, gaming addiction and casino delight, etc.

We urge everyone to sobriety and vigilance - because there are not only golden eggs, but also many “ugly fishes in the lake”. They do no honorable work, but they are hungry and go all in for the big and easy-earned profits and are becoming storm rich, just on online scam advertising.
Some things and many investments that are advertised, its simply "dreams" and products that do not fulfill what has been promised, not in any way – its worthless crap & scam. Be very careful!

HELP us to help YOU!

We disclose SCAM and FRAUDSTERS to help you AVOID THEM and we will do that together with you and your contribution here.

We do not want to harm innocent, but
together uncover the "bad guys".

From our hearts, thousands of warm thanks for all your cooperation!
This is really teamwork - without the help of all of you, we would not be here today.

All news is fresh-to-be, so it's of utmost importance, that scammers are revealed the day they are discovered. SHARE the truth and what you know TODAY!

Only then, we can together prevent thousands of other righteous men and women, not to be deceived by the same scam ad or scam telemarketer.

We believe in the goodness of men, the will to help others so that they do not get hurt.


Someone might wonder why we have chosen to keep posts anonymous and not publish the writer's full names.

Well, it can only be stated, that both recent and older research shows that people who have been exposed to scam and big fraud, they are very shameful to tell their children, family, friends and other acquaintances. It can often feel like they have both lost their face, their honor, their security and in many cases, all their family's assets. It is absolutely the last thing they want to do, to tell it all in public. 

Now, if we are to succeed in our warnings and helping others, then we need to be told, just such stories, which most people are very ashamed to tell others.
If we do not receive such stories, then our service would be toothless and almost useless. It would not benefit anyone - except the scammers themselves. The fraudsters would then win our battle and could continue to plunder friendly and kind people, unhindered. 

We are well aware, that anonymity can have many weak and challenging side effects. However, we try to combat economic crime, and in many cases, it can also be dangerous to publish the full names. We strive for and want to protect and safeguard our members to the greatest possible extent. Then it is, unfortunately, only anonymity that applies, in our goal and mission here.

Usually, it would not be relevant with anonymous posting, but in these particular crimes and fraud-cases, we hope for public understanding and support. We can't allow anyone to kick on someone who is already laying down. 


Quick instruction:

It's very easy to write your scam-experience.

Go to the menu in the top RIGHT and select "POST YOUR STORY".

  1. 1. Write a descriptive STORY TITLE.
  2. 2. Scroll TYPE OF SCAM, click a fitting in the drop-down menu.
  3. 3. Write exact COMPANY NAME if you know, otherwise -
  4. 4. Write exact BRAND NAME, if you know, otherwise -
  5. 5. Write exact WEBSITE, URL, if you know, otherwise -
  6. 6. Select your COUNTRY
  7. 7. Go to line 2 and write "My True Story" just as you have experienced.
  8. 8. CAPTURE IMAGE, select a saved photo, or capture a new one.
  9. 9. Click ACCEPT "TERMS & Conditions" and then select SUBMIT.

It's important to fill in ALL FACTS, all you know, so others can search for your SCAM-warning. Facts you don't know, just press - and continue. 

As a picture, you can choose a screenshot of the web page, a product image or another image that suits your story. You can also choose to skip photo, CANCEL.

SEARCH in the register, you do the same way. Enter the exact name or select the FIELD you want to search on. For example, you can select a country
DENMARK and then press SEARCH.
Write the WEBSITE if you know, and then SEARCH.

NOTE! Just search in one FIELD if you don't get many answers

Try in different ways - there are many possibilities.
Once you have learned to do SEARCH, then it will become very interesting and useful.

We wish you great benefit from this app and hope you avoid many scams & “rotten eggs”!

NOTE! The more people who write their scam-experience here, the more useful it becomes for all others, to do SEARCH.

Your story makes a big difference to many, many others, so they do not have to get hurt or scammed, in the same way as you.


NOTE! We make linguistic reservations about any manual or machine app or text translation errors. If there is doubt or inaccuracy, then the English text always applies.